Petroleum Engineering Reenforcement


BREAKING !  The registration fees of first-time foreign students will be waived from the registration fees.  This is great news for many of you! Indicative fees : <29 years old : ~400 € including medical care (> 29, ~1000€)

We are proposing by September 2019 a new training course in English entitled « Petroleum Engineering Reenforcement » (PER).

This one-year and ~300 h/semester PER is dedicated to bring additional courses to graduate students from foreign countries.

For registration, visit this page.

See the Yes_No page. Sure you’ll get answer before sending email.

Here you will find practical information.

Students who have support from a university laboratory to conduct a thesis, or support from a company for an internship will be treated as a priority. We reccommend to contact us upstream to discuss about the project.

Below, the list of lectures proposed by September 2019. Take note that new lectures will be potentially added to this list.

Currently, PER is suitable for scientists wishing to strengthen their skills in the fields of geoscience and reservoir science. This course is aimed at students who have previously had a solid background in physics and / or geosciences.

     Lecture Credits ECTS Responsable Cours TD TP
S1 non optional (10 ECTS) Unconventional Resources 4 Broseta 19.5 19.5  
HSE / Health, Safety & Environment 2 Moonen/Galliero     19.5
Project Management 2 Teitgen 10.5 9.0  
French as a foreign language 2 // 19.5    
Optional (20 ECTS)  field case Geosciences 4 Aubourg     39.0
Seismic interpretation 4 Bonnel (in french) 18 21.0  
 Basin deformation 2 4 Nivière 19.5 21.0 24.0
 inversion and optimisation 4 Brito 22.5 15.0 21.0
 Sedimentary systems 4 Hoareau 19.5 21.0 18.0
 Well logging 4 Bordes 18 21.0  
 Advanced reservoir simulation 4 Creux 21 15.0 15.0
 Field case Reservoirs 4 Broseta     39.0
Numerical upscaling 4 Amaziane 19.5 19.5 12.0
Enhanced Oil Recovery 4 Broseta 24 34.5  
Field case production 4 Dicharry     39.0
S2   Internship 30 Aubourg      

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